Laurene Pilastre is an artist and a research designer based in Paris, she  completed her Master in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in 2021 in London, UK. 

Laurene’s artistic practice exposes the relationships between the human and the non-human body. Focusing on the significance of the animus or governing intention of matter her sculptural and installation based work involves objects in evolution, in-between states, constantly transforming, splintering, creasing, contracting and expanding in reciprocal engagements, intermingling with bodies and stories.
The materiality she explores questions commonly analogue and industrial-used materials such as metal, expanded foam, textile and resin.

Her work foregrounds the experience of matter as an actant, having its own agency, thus the materials she works with shape her, her gestures and practice and in a mutual movement, she contributes to form matter, aiming to establish a material collaboration.

Her research around matter and the spatiality of the body draws from intellectual and philosophical ways of thinking, engaging with the pivotal question of how can we unsee?
Her approach to this question contribute to transcend fixed prejudices about what is and exists in a rigid reality and consider the way people, movements, objects and all things are in relation to one another.

Working across a variety of medium and media - spanning from audio-visual installation, sculpture, moving image, workshops and performance - Laurene develops an array of creative research strategies that allows her to explore how we communicate, transmit and receive information.

Laurene also holds a BA (hons) in Product Design from the Central Saint Martins in London, UK.
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